Monday, July 13, 2009

Rooting for Eddy Curry

Over the course of the rest of the summer and into the fall, I'll attempt to look at a number of NBA players that typically are viewed less favorably than most superstars. We'll start today with New York behemoth Eddy Curry.

(Image: ESPN)

An article in the New York Times today informed the nation that Eddy Curry has shown up to Las Vegas for off season workouts in shape. Typically that's something that goes unnoted, especially in a reputable news source like the Times, however Eddy Curry is some what of a sports enigma. And showing up to training camp in shape is quite an accomplishment for the 6'10'' 300 pound man.

Curry has been blessed with incredible size (occasionally too much) and talent, so much that the Chicago Bulls drafted him with the #4 pick in the 2001 draft out of high school.

However he has had a somewhat problematic time parlaying all of his natural skills into a successful NBA career.

This was no more apparent than last season, in which he only managed to play in 4 games due to conditioning issues and a recurring soreness in his knee. After showing up to camp out of shape new Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni quickly relinquished him to the end of the bench, something he was never able to overcome.


After hearing stories like that, it is a natural inclination to write someone like Eddy Curry off as an overweight, overpaid, enigmatic professional athlete.

But, his benching doesn't tell the entire story, and was not the end of his problems.

Curry was sued by his former chauffeur for sexual harassment, (claims he has vehemently denied) in January. Shortly thereafter he got the incredibly tragic news that his former girlfriend and child had been murdered in Chicago. And earlier this summer, news broke that his home was being foreclosed on, despite his annual salary that approaches 8 figures.

This guy just cannot seem to catch a break. Although I usually loathe players that never seem motivated enough to take advantage of the gifts that they have been bestowed with, I'll be pulling for Curry this year.

Any man that has been through that much deserves all the support he can get. Although I will not be purchasing his jersey-t anytime soon, here's to hoping that he is able to turn his life around this season.

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